• Union Vision and Union Values
  • Duties and Mandates of the Government

Union Vision

We shall build a peaceful Federal Democracy Union which guarantees freedom, justice and equality.

Union Values

To build the Union, we believe in and accept the following as values:

1. Democracy Rights, Gender Equality and basic Human Rights;
2. Equality and Self-Determination;
3. Collective Leadership;
4. Diversity, Social Harmony, Solidarity and Non-Discrimination; and
5. Protection of Minority Rights.

Duties and Mandates of Interim National Unity Government

1. Interim National Unity Government shall implement the political objectives, goal and political road map prescribed in this Charter.

2. Interim National Unity Government shall create space where partner political parties, ethnic armed revolutionary organizations and civil society organizations can work together in order to discuss and validate political agreements and implement the way forward.

3. Interim National Unity Government shall adopt a strategy for eradication of dictatorship, abolishment of 2008 Constitution and building of Federal Democracy Union and implement the strategy.
     a. Interim National Unity Government shall develop and implement ministerial plans while implementing the policies and strategic plans of Interim National Unity Government in accordance with the goal, objectives and political road map of the Charter.
     b. Interim National Unity Government shall apply a wide range of approaches such as political, economic, social, foreign affairs and diplomacy, defense and security to achieve the defeat of military junta.

Despite such brutal acts of the military terrorist, we have seen millions of people going out of their houses, taking to the streets and exercising democracy to end the military dictatorship and restore our hard-earned democracy. Thank you, people. Thank you very much for your bravery. As the vice-president of the country, I would like to pay tribute to the sacrifice of those women and men, girls and boys who courageously fought for our freedom to the point of losing their lives. They are our heroes; they will go down in history as the heroes of democracy and the heroes of the people. We will always pay tribute to the ultimate sacrifice they made for the freedom of our country. Condolences to those who have lost their children, their parents and their loved ones. My heart is also broken. We will never forget your loss. I also give this pledge to you: we will work as long as it is needed to bring those responsible for loss of life to justice. We will bring to daylight truth; full truth and we will bring justice. Thank you very much!

Duwa Lashi La

Vice President

All the people, including the youth, are working to overthrow the military dictatorship in various ways and means, and we will work with the organizations and countries that will provide assistance to our country in various ways and means. Justice will be only brought about for those who paid with their lives in this revolution only when the military dictatorship falls.

As now is the best time to fight for the overthrow of the military dictatorship, I would like to appeal to all the people of Myanmar to continue the fight bravely with the spirit of victory in mind.

When we succeed, our government will repay and work for the establishment of a Federal Democratic Union that all people aspire to.

Mahn Winn Khaing Thann

Prime Minister

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