New Year Speech by Vice President Duwa Lashi La on April 17, 2021

1. Due to the coup d’etat on February 1, 2021, the Constitution and the people’s government were annulled, and there was an urgent need to form an interim government that follows the values of a federal democracy covenant to lead the country with a clear political roadmap.

2. Those who were detained unlawfully, those who have died resisting the coup, those civil servants who have participated in the Civil Disobedience Movement, and those who are fighting against the Burmese military coup in the battlefield are recorded for having given an important sacrifice for building a federal democratic nation.

3. The political journey to implement the eight-points political roadmap for the establishment of a new federal democracy, as set out in the federal democracy covenant in the interim, will be a rough one. The interim government focuses mainly on the demolishing of the junta.

4. There are two political objectives of the interim government:
(1) The infrastructure of the NUG has to be a bottom up approach and should be stemming out of the people.
(2) The NUG has to make utmost efforts to gain legitimacy and be recognized by the international community.

In order to achieve these objectives, the interim government needs to focus on establishing a federal army and gaining legitimacy by being recognized by the international community in any diplomatic way possible.
5. It is important to note and remember that NUG is taking great responsibilities for the country not to maintain power and positions, but NGU staff are to serve their duties during the difficult interim period in order to successfully implement the objectives stated in the charter.

6. The major responsibility of the National Unity Government as the interim government is to remedy the unlawful oppression, fear, uncertainty, and struggle for livelihood and to turn those difficult situations into secure and peaceful ones for the people of Myanmar.

7. In conclusion, we pledge to continue working with all the ethnic people of Myanmar to overthrow the military dictatorship and build a new federal democratic nation.