Announcement (4/2021)

June 8, 2021

The NUG has vowed to the people that it will, by justifiable means, vanquish and uproot the terrorist military council that has been ruling the country unlawfully and repressively. The NUG will, together with the public, endeavor to work judiciously and diligently towards building a federal democratic union. Today’s Spring Revolution is the people’s revolution led by the people to liberate themselves from under the yoke of the thuggish military dictatorship. It is obvious to one and all that the world renowned Civil Disobedience Movement is the main pillar of the Spring Revolution that has successfully hindered and impeded the military regime’s apparatus by nonviolent means. And it has rightfully been commended.Therefore the NUG, on record, hereby pay homage, applaud and honour all the heroes of the nonviolent Civil Disobedience Movement.             I

t has also come to our notice that the terrorist military regime has been suppressing our non-violent CDM heroes by using inhumane methods such as intimidating, torturing and arresting them. Likewise their non-CDM lackeys in the upper administrative echelon are using various threats and putting pressure on staff. But with the interests of the Nation and the People at heart the populace and all nationals are persevering wholeheartedly with the Civil Disobedience Movement and for that we are grateful. The NUG will make sure that the military regime’s lackeys are meted out with appropriate retribution through the courts. The NUG has been systematically recording data on those who are non-CDM participants and have been bullying and threatening CDM participants. Similarly systematic data is being kept on who is CDM participant and who is not in a graded scale

and that data will be used for adjudication purposes after the abolition of military dictatorship and the advent of a new federal democratic union.

            The NUG unreservedly supports the non-violent Civil Disobedience Movement. In addition the NUG has advocated a policy on self defence in order for the public to be able to defend themselves against the strong-armed repressive unjust atrocities enacted upon them by the junta. We also note that a group of factious agitators in all forms and guises have been performing seditious acts. The NUG has never been an advocate, nor a supporter of these lawless seditious acts. The NUG strongly condemns and denounces those acts. The NUG hereby declares that this government will only continue to support the two principles, that of upholding the law and endorse and lend credence to the non-violent activities of the Civil Disobedience Movement.