“Announcement on Kinma Village”

June 17, 2021

The National Unity Government (NUG) of Myanmar condemns in the strongest possible ways the arson committed by the Military Council’s terrorist troops and local police officers against the residents of Kinma village in Pauk Township, Magway Region on Tuesday night, June 16, 2021. The residents fled their homes to avoid the anticipated military raid after the plate number of the motorbike of a suspect involved in the shooting incident at the house of the junta-allied administrator of Deedotekwin village on June 12 was traced back to Kinma.  According to local witnesses, policemen and plainclothes soldiers set the village on fire when they arrived and finding

out residents have fled. According to residents, about 80% of the homes in Kinma were burned down. Two elderly is currently missing. [1]

The atrocities committed in Kinma village by the security forces under terrorist military council show that the Military Council’s terrorist troops has no interest whatsoever restrain from violence regardless of the repeated request of the international community to do otherwise.  The acts of terror in Kinma village are the conclusive proofs that the Military troops has always been the perpetrator of the crimes against humanity taken place in the ethnic areas for many decades.   

The Military council and its security forces continue to ignore the rule of law, violate human rights, and commit crimes against humanity.  To date, at least 864 individuals were murdered by this junta, while 4893 were illegally arrested, charged, or sentenced[2]. Since the Military council illegally seized power on February 1, it has resorted to violence in its attempt to impose its authority, but it has failed.

While the NUG urges local, national, and international stakeholders to continue recording the crimes committed by security forces. Gathering pieces of evidence of terrorist military council’s crimes is fundamental to hold them accountable.

The NUG, in coordination with pro-democracy movements, continues to work hard to achieve the goals we set out in the 2021 Federal Democracy Charter, defeat the Terrorist Military Council, and ultimately bring stability back under a civilian government at the soonest possible time.

[1] https://www.myanmar-now.org/en/news/juntas-soldiers-burn-down-magwe-region-village

[2] https://aappb.org