Weekly Press Release (7/2021)

8 July 2021

  1. The National Unity Government (NUG) has announced its position on international humanitarian assistance in Myanmar so that international organizations can cooperate with the NUG and its Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management and develop more effective ways for humanitarian aid. 1
  2. The NUG Ministry of Human Rights has released information regarding the state of press freedom since the coup. Based on the data up to 3 July 2021, 39 journalists have been detained; 6 imprisoned; 3 injured. The junta released 49 journalists but issued arrest warrants for 26 journalists. It has also revoked the licenses of eight media companies.
  3. The NUG Commission for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response held its first coordination meeting and discussed sector-wise matters and efficient and quick delivery of assistance for the people who are suffering under the dictatorship and from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. The NUG ministers held a joint meeting with Japanese parliamentarians on 6 July 2021. They discussed matters related to urgent humanitarian assistance to Myanmar and IDPs who fled the violence and terror of the military junta. They also agreed to urge the Japanese government to recognize the NUG and continue its support for the success of just efforts in Myanmar that will enable the people to enjoy the democracy they deserved.
  5. The National Unity Government has offered a public tribute2 to the events marking the 59th anniversary of the Seventh July Incident, honoring students, young people and revolutionaries who have sacrificed their lives for truth, justice, and liberty in the history of the country. The NUG said that their love of truth and courage to resist injustice stay alive today despite lives and properties being destroyed and oppressed by force for three generations over 60 years under successive military dictators. Such love of truth and courage continue to inspire the present anti-dictatorship movement. The NUG is confident that the dream of young people – for a democratic and federal union where they can enjoy justice and equality – will come true through the combination of the Union spirit of all students and young people, the strength of the people, and the experience of all the leaders of ethnic groups.    
  6. On 6 July 2021, Daw Zin Mar Aung, Foreign Minister of NUG, had a meeting with The Right Honourable Nigel Adams, Minister for Asia at the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). They discussed the current political situation in Myanmar, atrocities and the terror campaign of the military junta, as well as worsening human rights violations and the humanitarian condition in the country.
  7. Throughout the whole of Myanmar the infectivity rate of COVID-19, in its third wave, has been observed to be very high and a high mortality rate has also been detected, including in areas under military council’s control, as they have not been able to provide preventive mitigation measures nor treatment regimes. The Ministry of Health, National Unity Government, has been giving public health information daily via its social media pages, with directives on preventive and mitigation methods, on isolation measures on exposure to suspected or positive cases, on signs and symptoms of COVID-19 infection and management protocols.

To be able to effectively control this situation the National Commission for Corona Virus Disease(COVID19) Prevention, Control and Management has been established today on 7th July led by the acting President Duwa Lashi La, in collaboration with ministers from affiliated ministries, health associations from ethnic communities, experts and professionals. This commission will be responsible for and work towards acquiring vaccines, personal protective equipment (PPE), equipment for testing, etc,. by liaising with neighbouring countries, representatives from international aid associations and Ethnic Armed Organisations.

Whilst these efforts are being made, the general public are urged by Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, Union Minister for Health, to help stop the spread of the virus and reduce the infectivity rate by everyone adhering to the mitigation strategies such as regular hand washing, wearing of face masks or facial coverings, social distancing, staying indoors when required. With the public unity complying with these measures, Myanmar will be able to overcome this deadly pandemic. 

For Further information

1. https://www.facebook.com/NUGmyanmar/posts/141641504723156

2. https://www.facebook.com/NUGmyanmar/posts/143767904510516