Announcement on Military Offensive of State Administrative Council in Ethnic Areas(9/2021)

05 September 2021

1. Min Aung Hlaing Led Military (State Administration Council) has seized the sovereign power on 1st February 2021 by use of terrorist means, killed, detained and tortured innocent civilians across the country. Violent acts of the military (SAC) can be seen clearly not only in major cities around the country but also in rural and ethnic areas.

2. Military leadership of junta and SAC may verbally make guarantees that they are working for peace but in reality, they are waging military offensive operations with excessive forces in EAOs’ controlled areas.

3. Myanmar military is carrying out not only ground military offensive attacks with excessive force but also air strikes so that civilian populations in respective ethnic areas have to leave their homes to escape.

4. The National Unity Government strongly condemns the hostile actions of the military and its offensive attacks with the use of excessive forces in ethnic areas, including their deployment in civilian infrastructure such as religious buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.

5. According to the UN reports, there have been over 300,000 IDPs due to the ground and air strikes of the military.

6. These military offensive attacks in ethnic areas can result in major humanitarian crisis and millions of civilian populations will face the situation where they will be forced to leave their homes.

7. During the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, such flux of people running away from their homes can seriously impact the security of neighboring countries along with regional stability and security.

8. Therefore, the National Unity Government strongly opposes the governments and organizations cooperating in the procurement of weapons to support these acts of violence perpetrated by the military council targeting and killing civilians.

9. The National Unity Government requests the international community to work effectively to stop the military offensive operations of Myanmar military as soon as possible, to end suppression and torture of innocent civilians and to bring an end to the coup d’état and hold it accountable for the crimes they have committed.