Weekly Press Release (15/2021)

17 September 2021

1. National Unity Government (NUG) issued a Press Release (14/2021) on 13th September in which the NUG stressed the following points;

– That the People’s revolution and uprising against the military council had begun.

– That the military council has no interest in finding a peaceful political solution and still clinging onto power by continuing its atrocious inhumane activities.

– That the NUG has a duty to protect the lives and livelihood of the populace.

– That even though it acknowledges the combined efforts of the international community and that we as a nation united, instead reliant on them, will have to wrest the power back.

– That the People’s Defence Forces have started the resistance movement.

– That the People’s Defence Forces after joining forces with Ethnic Armed Organisations (EAO) together are preparing to take part in the revolution.

– That the general public stay united and offer assistance.

2. NUG collectively with the Ethnic Armed Organisations (EAO) has formed a committee of implementing the Peoples Embrace Project to welcome and embrace those soldiers and police who have defected to take part in the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM). A social network page https://facebook.com/peoplesembrace and telegram Channel – https://t.me/MyanmarPeople have also been created for this purpose.

3. A special announcement prohibiting proposed sale of public estate belonging to diplomatic missions of Myanmar and declaring any purchase thereof to be unlawful, was made by the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment on 14th September (Announcement 11/2021). All land, buildings,properties and holdings held in the name of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and organs of state, both within and outwith the Union, belong to the people of Myanmar.The illegal military council and its subsidiary institutions being devoid of moral and legal right to represent the people of Myanmar, have no right to control, manage or dispose of these public estates. NUG has declared that any sale, in part or in whole, of any estate belonging to the diplomatic mission of Myanmar, conducted by the military council to be unlawful and therefore prohibited.The NUG reserves the right to persecute either the seller or the purchaser or both partaking in any such transactions at a time and jurisdiction of its choosing.

4. Ambassador and Permanent Envoy HE Kyaw Moe Tun attended the closing ceremony of the 75th Session of (UNGA) United Nations General Assembly and the opening ceremony of the 76th Session of UNGA and the 1st plenary meeting. The first plenary meeting was opened by 76th UNGA incoming President HE Mr. Abdulla Shahid (Maldives). Members of the UNGA’s Credentials Committee were then elected. Members elected were from Bahamas, Bhutan, Chile, China, Russia, Sierra Leone, Namibia, Sweden and the United States of America.

5. Radio NUG owned by National Unity Government is broadcasting daily programmes. once at 8 am on short wave 16 metre (17.71) megahertz, and another at 8 pm on short wave 25 metre (12.00) megahertz. Daily broadcast of television news is also taking place at 8 pm via NUG, CRPH, RadioNUG and PVTV Social media pages. Daily broadcasts of military campaign news by the Ministry of Defence and advisory notices for the public by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration are also taking place.

6. At the request of the National Unity Government, the Directorate of School Education of the Government of Mizoram has made a decision to provide free and compulsory Education, according to their education law (2009), basic education appropriate to school age children between the age of 6 years and 14 years to include those children who have been externally displaced due to conflict. The NUG expresses, on record, their gratitude for the decision made by the Government of Mizoram.