Weekly Press Release (17/2021)

1 October 2021

1.         On 25th September 2021, National Unity Government (NUG) issued an announcement (10/2921) on illegal activities perpetrated by the military council on the land, buildings and properties owned by the general public and land, buildings, properties and holding of the State. In it:

      –     It was reiterated that according to the bulletin (10/2021) issued by CRPH (Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw) on 1st March 2021 the military council was deemed to be a terrorist organisation and that its executive, judiciary and legislative branches are all also deemed unlawful.

     –      The NUG will do the utmost it can in its power, when it achieves full administrative control to legally redress the loss of homes, properties, land, property and ownership due to the illegal conduct by organisations under the military council.

     –      That the NUG reserves the right to effectively prosecute those involved in selling, buying or both, in part or in whole, of public building, property or land.

     –      The NUG also urges the public to systematically record all these prohibited illegal activities and to file reports at centres established by the NUG.

2.         The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management of NUG is doing all it can in its power to provide humanitarian aid to alleviate all the suffering caused by the terrorist military council. In this respect, from 16th April 2021 to 20th September 2021, a total sum of MMK 1.35 billion in aid had been provided to all those internally displaced war refugees, families of all political prisoners, families of those departed heroes of the revolution, those displaced by natural disasters, vulnerable groups and the public in conflict zones where there is food shortage.

3.         The Ministry of Human Rights of NUG issued a “Plea to armed groups to avoid harming civilians including children” on 26th September 2021. In the statement the following facts were made:

     –      That it had been nearly 8 months since the entire Myanmar population staged a nationwide Spring Revolution in opposition to the coup staged by the military dictatorship.

     –      Since the coup the military had been continually committing human rights violations and with evidence of systematic transgression that point to crimes against humanity.

     –      The NUG has established a military code of conduct and rules of engagement for People’s Defence Forces and those taking up arms against the transgression to ensure that human rights are respected and civilians unharmed to strictly adhere to the code of conduct and rules of engagement.

     –      Under no circumstances should violence be used against innocent civilians in particular the vulnerable group that includes women, children, the elderly and the disabled and that they are to be always protected from harm.

     –      The Ministry of Human Rights is working together with international bodies to document the human rights atrocities committed by the military council and to hold them accountable under international law.

     –      That the message to all armed groups is to abide by the rules of engagement and not harm the vulnerable and at-risk group. 

     –      The Ministry urges all armed groups throughout Myanmar to respect and not violate the international human rights law.

4. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the National Unity Government Daw Zin Mar Aung met with the Foreign Affairs Minister of Sweden H.E. Ann Linde on 29th September 2021 and discussed Myanmar’s current political affairs, problems borne out of the terrorizing military’s attempted coup and the democratic movements. Myanmar’s representative to the Czech Republic U Lin Thant also attended the meeting.