“Statement on Releasing of Political Prisoners Arbitrarily Detained by Terrorist Military”

18 November 2022

1. On November 17, 2022, the Myanmar Military Council released some political prisoners from arbitrary detention. Their freedom is a symbol of people’s victory after nearly two years of nationwide struggle by people of all ethnicities combined with the sustained international pressure.

2. The National Unity Government is appreciative of the fact that some of political prisoners have been released. Nevertheless, we need to recognise that those freed were unjustly detained in the first place and that thousands of political activists remain in detention, many cannot return home as they were killed during interrogation or murdered in prison and many have given their lives and livelihoods for the revolution. The National Unity Government will continue to strive to achieve justice for all injustices.

3. We thank all revolution forces of different ethnic regions, strike groups, and allied ethnic revolution organisations, who have been behind the driving force to achieve such positive outcomes for the release of political prisoners after one and a half years. We extend our profound appreciation to the international community for not recognising the terrorist military and for standing together with the People of Myanmar by cherishing democracy and human rights principles. Based on our current achievements to date, we urge everyone to maintain and escalate the revolution momentum using all possible means to bring about a solid change in Myanmar.

4. The National Unity Government will not lose sight of the goal of a federal democratic union, which the entire people of the country long for and to end the military dictatorship from the land of Myanmar, and we will continue to fight together with all ethnic allied organisations until our ultimate common goal is achieved.

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar

National Unity Government