Statement regarding to 27th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Announcement (9/2022)

November 7, 2022

  1. Regarding the 27th Conference of Parties (COP27) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which is taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, from 6 to 18 November 2022, the National Unity Government (NUG) would like to issue a statement on climate change on behalf of all the people of Myanmar.
  2. Following the military junta’s attempted coup on February 1, 2021, the rule of law has collapsed, and numerous illegal over-exploitations of natural resources has led to environmental damages. Additionally, as the military has been over-extracting natural resources, including forests and gems, to perpetuate their power, the country has now been facing increased natural disasters such as floods, landslides, and climate change. In addition, the illegal-coup-staging military council has been burning civilian properties, including approximately 36,000 homes, and the surrounding forests nearby the villages have been destroyed. Such burnings have resulted in an increase in the emission of greenhouse gasses, which are the major causes of global climate change, and our efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses due to deforestation are also hampered. It is obvious that as the military junta constantly seeks to perpetuate only their power, they are not willing to address the country’s climate issues. The Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) currently submitted to the UNFCCC by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation under the State Administration Council is merely a stack of paper, and in reality there is no any pragmatic implementation for the NDC.
  1. However, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation under the National Unity Government (MONREC-NUG) issued an analysis report in July 2021, that examines the poor management of natural resources and the subsequent depletion during the previous military regimes and the current illegal military junta. Also, in October 2022, the reconnaissance report on monitoring deforestation alerts in Sagaing, the most brutally oppressed region by the military junta, was published in collaboration with the external organizations. Efforts are being made to implement the NDC submitted by the NUG, calculating the carbon emission not only in Sagaing Region but also at national level following the 2006 IPCC Guidelines.
  2. Each and every citizen plays a vital role in climate change mitigation and environmental conservation activities. Currently, the people of Myanmar are severely suffering from the various forms of brutality and atrocity conducted by the military junta. Amidst the turmoil, people are supporting the NUG not only in implementing rehabilitation activities but also in climate change mitigation and environmental protection actions in the territories controlled by the NUG. The NUG has been undertaking the reforestation works in the territories controlled by the NUG and the ethnic revolutionary organizations (EROs), and more than 5,000 trees of various species were planted in each state and region in honour of the martyred heroes of the spring revolution.  Furthermore, on World Environment Day, 50 million people across the country participated in trees planting campaign to honour the fallen heroes during the spring revolution. In addition, six monthly public awareness talks, World Environment Day, and World Ozone Day were celebrated with public participation.
  3. Besides, the Ethnic Revolutionary Organizations (EROs) play an important role in the implementation of the National Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (NDC) as most of the forested areas are under their control. In coordination with the EROs, the NUG has been carrying out the activities of climate change mitigation and adaptation, the systematic extraction and utilization of natural resources, including forests, and the people-centered conservation activities in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Democratic Charter.
  4. Recognizing the crucial role of indigenous people and minority groups in establishing a federal democratic nation, the NUG is making efforts to consult with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)/Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), Ethnic Revolutionary Organizations (EROs), and Indigenous People (IP) to revise the NDC issued last year. Regarding that, the MORNEC-NUG cordially invites all CSOs/CBOs, EROs, and IP groups to work together.
  5. Hence, the NUG here by announces that we, in cooperation with CSOs/CBOs and EROs, would practically implement the main activities for climate change mitigation and adaptation at our best during the interim period to achieve a sustainable low-carbon environment for present and future generations, getting together with the people of Myanmar over the crisis and hardship.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation

National Unity Government