Statement on aerial attacks targeting civilians by the Terrorist Military Council

Announcement No. (1/2023)

January 12 , 2023

1.       Since the terrorist military council staged an illegal coup d’etat on 1st February 2021, they have been blatantly contravening the International Human Rights Law and committing atrocities to the people including the ethnic community by infringing their human rights, torching the whole villages, and instigating air strikes on a national scale using armaments, such as fighter jets and heavy artillery, procured by abusing the public funds.

2.       Just as several aerial bombing attacks in Karen, Kachin, Karenni, Sagaing & Magway regions by the terrorist military council which have resulted in mass casualty of innocent civilians, the military staged two air raids by jetfighters on Camp Victoria, the headquarters of the Chin National Front, on January 10, 2023, at around 4:30pm and the second time on January 11, 2023, at 4:00 pm respectively. The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management conveys its deepest condolences to the families of the victims including five members of the Chin National Front, who were killed in the brutal attack. The ministry stands in solidarity with the Chin community and is doing its utmost to send humanitarian aid to the affected community.  The ministry also wants to reiterate that it also stands firmly together with all the families, relatives and ethnic brothers and sisters from all other areas, who have been suffered due to the inhumane acts of the military and pledge to uproot this terrorist military once and for all.

3.       We, as a people government, in its strongest term, condemn the barbaric acts of terrorist military that has been targeting the civilian assets including clinics, hospitals, staff quarters and medical warehouses with aerial bombardments, again in breach of the international human rights and humanitarian laws bluntly, and claiming lives and properties of the people. 

4.       Due to the terrorist military’s repeated air raids across the country, the number of internally displaced people has been increasing day by day, and the needs for humanitarian aids are rising urgently. The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management is doing its utmost by working hand in hand with international organisations to fulfil the needs. The Ministry also appeals to and urges the international organizations and allied countries to provide humanitarian assistance effectively to the neediest, to help stop the military council’s airstrikes in every way, and to support the preventive measures against the airstrikes to ensure civilian protection. 

Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management

National Unity Government