Call for Sanctions on Aviation Fuel to Save the Lives of Myanmar People

Announcement No. 3/2023

23 January 2023

The military junta is continuing to conduct airstrikes against civilians throughout Myanmar. Hundreds of people have been killed in these airstrikes. Pilots and commanders are targeting schools and hospitals in offensive and unwarranted actions that constitute clear war crimes and amount to crimes against humanity.

In its Resolution 2669 of December 2022, the United Nations Security Council expressed its deep concern at “violent attacks undertaken by the vicious junta against civilians and civilian infrastructure, including educational, health and energy infrastructure and facilities, and attacks on businesses and public properties.” The Council demanded “an immediate end to all forms of violence.

“We welcome the Resolution.

The National Unity Government, on behalf of the people of Myanmar, now calls for immediate and effective sectoral sanctions on aviation fuel to halt the supply of aviation fuel to the military. This is an urgent and necessary step that potentially will save thousands of lives.

Members of the Security Council and international sanctions regimes must act decisively to halt this trade in aviation fuel, for the sake of Myanmar and its people.

The Myanmar military must be cut off from the resources which enable their bloody atrocities against their own people.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

National Unity Government